Publication Policy Agreement

When submitting their manuscripts for publication in the Journal of Rehman Medical Institute (JRMI), authors must abide by the following agreements:

Exclusivity of Submission:

➢ It should be acknowledged that the manuscript is being submitted exclusively to JRMI and not to any other journal (print or online), book, magazine, online site, or any other place. This exclusivity confers the rights of publication to the journal and remains intact till such time that the decision of the journal editors is made against publication of the manuscript. Authors do reserve the rights to request for withdrawal of their submissions at any time for reasons deemed justifiable by the journal management until the manuscript has not accepted for publication by the editors.

Editing Rights:

➢ A submitted manuscript is liable to be edited by the journal management so that it meets the publishing requirements of the journal and its readers. Hence, all authors must understand and accept the final printable version of their manuscript even though it may differ in many aspects from the original submitted form. Editors will send the pre-print copy to the authors for their perusal and acceptance or for any modifications that are in line with journal publishing policy.

Manuscript Ownership and Copyrights:

➢ submitting a manuscript or getting it published does not transfer ownership of the work to the journal. The author(s) retain their work as their property for all purposes, legal or otherwise, and are free to use the published form as they like. It is however recommended that should the article be sent for publication elsewhere later, JRMI management be informed, and the original publication be acknowledged in the subsequent publication.

➢ Publication rights are granted to the journal implicitly at the time of manuscript submission, and should not be confused with ownership, copyrights, or intellectual rights.

Consent of Authors:

➢ In case of multiple authors, it is mandatory to submit a document signed by all authors, to the effect that they have read the final form of the manuscript submitted for publication and agree to it being published in its submitted form. All authors must also acknowledge their contribution to the manuscript and to being held accountable for it, in case of any issue arising later.

Conflict of Interest:

➢ All authors must submit a signed Conflict of Interest (CoI) statement at the time of manuscript submission. This statement should specifically mention any conflicting interests, or lack thereof, starting from initiation of the research work till its publication. Moreover, it should include a statement regarding how the publication is likely to provide any benefit to the author other than the implicit benefits of academic standing and related job acquisition/promotion. A conflict of interest of one or more authors is likely to affect the quality or direction of the research work, therefore the findings must be interpreted keeping the conflicts in mind.



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